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Garnier Hair Color Price in Pakistan

Garnier Hair Color Price in Pakistan

Garnier, a renowned name in the beauty and personal care industry, has established itself as a trusted brand for hair color products worldwide. In Pakistan, Garnier’s hair color range is especially popular for its diverse shades, nourishing formulas, and reliable performance. Hair coloring has become a significant part of personal grooming, allowing individuals to express their style and enhance their appearance. This comprehensive guide aims to provide an in-depth look at the pricing of Garnier hair color products in Pakistan, helping consumers make informed decisions while exploring the best options for their hair coloring needs.

Overview of Garnier Hair Color Products

Garnier Hair Color Price in Pakistan

Garnier offers a wide range of hair color products catering to various needs and preferences. Their product lineup includes permanent hair colors, semi-permanent hair colors, and specialized hair color kits. The Color Naturals range is known for its long-lasting, nourishing formula, enriched with natural ingredients like olive oil. The Olia line is notable for its ammonia-free composition, providing vibrant colors while being gentle on the scalp. Nutrisse offers rich, radiant shades with a focus on nourishing the hair. Additionally, Garnier provides root touch-up solutions for quick fixes between full coloring sessions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and a variety of options for consumers.

Factors Affecting Garnier Hair Color Prices in Pakistan

Several factors influence the pricing of Garnier hair color products in Pakistan. Product type and size play a significant role, with larger, more advanced formulations typically costing more. Market demand and product availability can cause price fluctuations, especially for popular shades. Currency exchange rates and import duties also impact the final retail prices, as many products are imported. Regional differences in pricing are common due to varying overhead costs for retailers. Lastly, promotional offers, seasonal discounts, and competition among retailers can affect prices, providing opportunities for consumers to find more affordable options.

Price Range of Garnier Hair Color Products in Pakistan

Garnier hair color products in Pakistan cater to a wide price range, making them accessible to different consumer segments. Low-end products, such as basic shades in smaller sizes, typically range from PKR 300 to PKR 600. Mid-range options, which include more popular and complex shades with added nourishing ingredients, are priced between PKR 600 and PKR 1,200. High-end products, such as the Olia and Nutrisse lines with premium formulations, can cost from PKR 1,200 to PKR 2,000 or more. Comparing these prices with international markets reveals that local factors significantly influence the final cost to Pakistani consumers.

Where to Buy Garnier Hair Color in Pakistan

Garnier hair color products are widely available across Pakistan through various retail channels. Online stores such as and provide the convenience of home delivery and often feature exclusive deals and discounts. Local beauty supply stores and pharmacies also stock Garnier hair colors, catering to walk-in customers. Additionally, some exclusive Garnier counters in high-end malls and beauty shops offer personalized services and the latest product releases, ensuring that consumers have ample options for purchasing their preferred hair color products.

Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Garnier Hair Color

Garnier Hair Color Price in Pakistan

To secure the best deals on Garnier hair color products in Pakistan, consumers should consider several strategies. Shopping during seasonal sales, such as Eid or Independence Day, can yield significant discounts. Joining loyalty programs offered by major retailers can provide additional savings through member-exclusive deals and reward points. Comparing prices between online and in-store options can help identify the most cost-effective purchase. Additionally, buying in bulk or taking advantage of wholesale options can reduce the per-unit cost. Keeping an eye on promotional offers and subscribing to newsletters from favorite stores can also ensure timely updates on the best available deals.

User Reviews and Feedback

User reviews and feedback on Garnier hair color products in Pakistan highlight general satisfaction with their performance and value for money. Many users appreciate the vibrant, long-lasting colors and the nourishing ingredients that leave their hair feeling soft and healthy. Common pros include the ease of application and the wide range of available shades. Some users, however, report issues such as color fading faster than expected or difficulties in covering stubborn grays. Tips from experienced users often emphasize the importance of selecting the right shade and conducting a patch test to avoid allergic reactions, ensuring a positive coloring experience.


In conclusion, Garnier hair color products offer a versatile and reliable solution for hair coloring needs in Pakistan. With a variety of product lines, from affordable options to premium formulations, Garnier caters to a broad audience. Understanding the factors that affect prices and knowing where to buy these products can help consumers make informed decisions. Additionally, taking advantage of sales and loyalty programs can result in significant savings. User reviews suggest that with proper selection and usage, Garnier hair colors can provide satisfying and vibrant results. Overall, Garnier remains a trusted brand for quality hair color products in the Pakistani market.


What types of hair color products does Garnier offer?

Garnier offers a wide range of hair color products, including permanent hair colors, semi-permanent hair colors, hair color kits, and root touch-up products. Popular lines include Color Naturals, Olia, and Nutrisse, each with unique formulations and benefits.

How much does Garnier’s hair color cost in Pakistan?

The price of Garnier hair color in Pakistan varies based on the product type and size. Low-end products typically cost between PKR 300 and PKR 600, mid-range products range from PKR 600 to PKR 1,200, and high-end products can be priced between PKR 1,200 and PKR 2,000 or more.

Where can I buy Garnier hair color in Pakistan?

Garnier hair color products are available at major retail chains and supermarkets such as Carrefour, Hyperstar, and Metro. They can also be purchased online from stores like and HumMart, as well as from local beauty supply stores and exclusive Garnier counters in high-end malls and beauty shops.

Are there any tips for getting the best deals on Garnier hair color?

To get the best deals on Garnier hair color, consider shopping during seasonal sales, joining loyalty programs, comparing online and in-store prices, buying in bulk, and keeping an eye on promotional offers. Subscribing to newsletters from favorite stores can also provide updates on exclusive deals.

How do I choose the right shade of Garnier hair color?

Selecting the right shade involves considering your natural hair color, skin tone, and personal preference. Garnier provides shade guides and tools on their website to help consumers choose the best match. It is also recommended to conduct a patch test before full application to ensure the color suits your needs.

Are Garnier hair color products safe to use?

Garnier hair color products are formulated to be safe when used as directed. They contain nourishing ingredients to minimize damage and are tested for quality and safety. However, it is essential to perform a patch test before use to check for any allergic reactions.

How long does Garnier hair color last?

The longevity of Garnier hair color depends on the type of product used. Permanent hair colors can last several weeks to months, while semi-permanent colors may fade after a few washes. Factors such as hair care routine, exposure to sunlight, and hair type also affect how long the color lasts.

Can Garnier hair color cover gray hair effectively?

Yes, Garnier hair color products are designed to cover gray hair effectively. The Color Naturals and Nutrisse lines are particularly known for their ability to provide full gray coverage while nourishing the hair. It is important to follow the application instructions carefully for the best results.

What should I do if I experience an allergic reaction to Garnier hair color?

If you experience an allergic reaction to Garnier hair color, such as itching, redness, or swelling, rinse the product off immediately and discontinue use. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist or worsen. Always conduct a patch test 48 hours before applying the product to your entire head.

Are Garnier hair color products environmentally friendly?

Garnier is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Many of their hair color products are formulated with natural ingredients and come in recyclable packaging. The Olia line, for example, is known for its ammonia-free formula and eco-friendly packaging. Garnier continues to work towards reducing its environmental impact.

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