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The Ordinary

Do The Ordinary Serums Expire

Do The Ordinary Serums Expire

The Ordinary stands as a beacon of affordability, efficacy, and simplicity. With its extensive range of serums targeting various skin concerns, it’s no wonder that countless individuals swear by its transformative powers. However, amidst the fervor for achieving flawless skin, a pertinent question arises: Do The Ordinary serums expire?

Do The Ordinary Serums Expire:

Before delving into the intricacies of The Ordinary serums’ shelf life, it’s essential to grasp the concept of expiration dates in skincare products. Like consumables, skincare items possess a finite lifespan dictated by factors such as formulation, packaging,Do The Ordinary Serums Expire

and storage conditionsDo The Ordinary Serums ExpireTypically, skincare products feature a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol—a small jar icon accompanied by a number and the letter ‘M’ (which stands for months). This symbol indicates the duration within which the product remains suitable for use after opening. However, The Ordinary, renowned for its transparency, often eschews this conventional labeling practice.

Factors Influencing Serum Stability:

The longevity of a serum hinges on various factors, including formulation, ingredients, packaging, and storage. The Ordinary’s minimalist approach to skincare formulation—eschewing unnecessary additives—contributes significantly to the stability and extended shelf life of its products.Moreover, the brand’s employment of opaque, UV-protective glass bottles shields light-sensitive ingredients from degradation, further enhancing product longevity. However, despite these measures, serums remain susceptible to degradation over time.

Understanding Product Degradation:

The degradation of skincare products, including serums, occurs due to several factors, chief among them being exposure to air, light, and microbial contamination. Additionally, active ingredients may lose potency over time, diminishing the product’s efficacyDo The Ordinary Serums ExpireAlthough The Ordinary’s formulations prioritize stability, prolonged exposure to adverse conditions—such as extreme temperatures or humidity—can expedite degradation. Consequently, it’s imperative to adhere to proper storage guidelines to prolong the serum’s shelf life.

Determining Serum Expiry:

Unlike perishable goods with explicit expiration dates, determining a serum’s expiry necessitates a nuanced approach. While The Ordinary refrains from affixing traditional expiration dates or PAO symbols, certain indicators can help gauge a serum’s viability .Do The Ordinary Serums Expire

Change in Consistency:

An alteration in the serum’s texture, such as separation, clumping, or a gritty texture, may signify degradation. Foul Odor: A rancid or unpleasant odor emanating from the serum indicates spoilage Diminished Efficacy: If the serum fails to deliver the desired results or exhibits reduced efficacy over time, it may have expired .Do The Ordinary Serums Expire

Practical Tips for Prolonging Shelf Life:

To maximize the longevity of The Ordinary serums, adopt the following best practices :Store in a Cool, Dark Place: Shield serums from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures by storing them in a cool, dark environment. Tighten Caps Securely: Ensure the bottle’s cap is tightly sealed after each use to prevent air exposure.

Avoid Contamination:

Refrain from introducing contaminants by using clean hands and tools when dispensing the serum Monitor Texture and Smell: Periodically inspect the serum for any changes in texture or odor, indicative of degradation.

Do The Ordinary Serums Expire:

While The Ordinary serums lack explicit expiration dates, they are not immune to degradation. Understanding the factors influencing serum stability and adopting proper storage practices are paramount in prolonging their shelf life.

Do The Ordinary Serums Expire

By remaining vigilant and attentive to changes in texture, smell, and efficacy, skincare enthusiasts can ensure optimal product performance and efficacy, thereby harnessing the transformative power of The Ordinary’s serums for longer durations.


What is the shelf life of The Ordinary serums?

The Ordinary serums typically have a shelf life ranging from 12 to 24 months. It’s crucial to check the expiration date or the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol on the packaging to determine the exact shelf life.

How can I tell if my The Ordinary serum has expired?

You can usually identify if a serum from The Ordinary has expired by examining its texture, smell, and appearance. If the serum has changed color, developed an unusual odor, or has become thicker or thinner in consistency, it may have expired. Additionally, if you notice any irritation or changes in effectiveness upon application, it’s advisable to discontinue use.Do The Ordinary Serums Expire

Can I extend the shelf life of my The Ordinary serums?

While it’s essential to adhere to the recommended shelf life of The Ordinary serums, there are some steps you can take to help extend their longevity. Storing the products in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can help preserve their effectiveness. Additionally, ensuring that the product’s cap is tightly sealed after each use can prevent contamination and oxidation, which can accelerate expiration.

What are the consequences of using expired serums from The Ordinary?

Using expired serums from The Ordinary can lead to various adverse effects, including skin irritation, breakouts, and decreased efficacy. Expired products may contain inactive or degraded ingredients that can cause harm rather than providing the intended benefits. To maintain the health and integrity of your skin, it’s essential to use skincare products within their recommended shelf life.

Can I still use The Ordinary serums past their expiration date?

It’s not recommended to use The Ordinary serums past their expiration date. Even if the product appears to be in good condition, expired skincare products may no longer deliver the desired results and could potentially harm your skin. To ensure optimal safety and efficacy, it’s best to replace expired serums with fresh ones.

Do The Ordinary Serums Expire?

When disposing of expired The Ordinary serums, it’s essential to do so responsibly to minimize environmental impact. Check your local regulations regarding the proper disposal of skincare products. In many cases, you can discard empty or expired containers in the regular trash. However, if your area has specific guidelines for disposing of cosmetic products, be sure to follow them accordingly.

Can I donate expired The Ordinary serums?

It’s not advisable to donate expired skincare products, including serums from The Ordinary. Expired products may not only be ineffective but could also pose potential health risks to others. Instead of donating expired items, consider properly disposing of them and investing in fresh products for yourself or others in need.

How can I prevent The Ordinary serums from expiring quickly?

To prolong the shelf life of The Ordinary serums, store them properly in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and extreme temperatures. Additionally, avoid introducing bacteria into the products by using clean hands or tools when dispensing them. Be mindful of the PAO symbol on the packaging, and refrain from stockpiling products beyond their recommended shelf life to ensure optimal freshness and efficacy. Do The Ordinary Serums Expire

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